Ends in 4 days, 16 hours

This project will be modeled after the World History Digital Education modules for AP World History ( https://www.worldhistoryde.org/ap-world-modules/ ) Please review these modules to see if you are interested in creating these types of resources for teachers.  

As part of the curriculum resources, there will be three detailed modules that includes multiple sources and three days of lessons.  The module will draw on maps, information systems (GIS), satellite imagery, remote sensing, and aerial photographs as a foundation for students to wrestle with information.  One goal of the modules is to design some lessons so that students can use the data to pose solutions or solve real-world situations or problems. Each module will also include formative assessments that align to the curriculum material that are based on the AP Examination in Human Geography.  The most practical applications of these are the Short Answer Question sets because they can be easily implemented and practically used in a classroom setting.  As a final application and support for teachers, we will run two professional development workshops for teachers to show how they can implement and utilize the resources created as part of the project. 

The project begins soon after applications close (on February 23) and will  launch at the first writers meeting in Orlando from April 5-6 (PM arrival on April 4, leave April 7).  You need to commit to that writers weekend to apply.  The project will officially run about 18 months, though nearly all the work will be done in the first 12 months.  Writers will be compensated $7500 for their work.  This includes writing, editing, and presenting our work at 3 conferences.  In addition to the April meeting, we will hold two other writers weekend meetings in the coming year.  Expenses are paid for travel, food, and lodging for writers weekends and conferences.  

Quick Summary:

WHO:  AP Human Geography teachers who can write curriculum on Korea

WHAT:  3 AP Human Geography teaching Modules produced by World History Digital Education

WHERE:  starting in Orlando (April 5-6 2019)

WHEN:  April 2019 - October 2020 (though most work completed by April 2020)

WHY:  to put excellent instructional materials that use Korea as a case study into the hands of teachers 

HOW:  complete this application

If you have questions about the work, please contact curriculum@worldhistoryde.org.

Applications are due February 23, 2019