Ends on May 31, 2019


Congratulations again on being selected to attend the 2018 Korea Research trip!  The trip will take place from July 6-16, 2019. 

As part of the trip agreement, you will be required to make an initial deposit of $300.00 (due 3/15) to reserve your spot. As part of your participation, you will be required to do four things.  

  • Work with assigned travel agency to secure your travel arrangements, including paying half of the total airfare to foundation by May 15th. You will receive more instructions on this in the coming weeks.
  • Participate in five webinars, beginning in April, four of which must be attended live.   Each webinar will require  readings and online discussions that act as an introduction to the webinar topic. The webinars will be held on Saturday mornings. 
    • Webinar 1- April 6 --Background on the foundation and programs 
    • Webinar 2 - May 4 --Korean History 
    • Webinar 3- May 18  --Korean War and Legacy- Gregg Brazinsky
    • Webinar 4- June 1--Geomancy 
    • Webinar 5- June 15 --Korean culture, customs, language, itinerary 
  • Complete a foundation task, which includes completing a veteran transcript by June 30th.  This task will take approximately 3-5  hours.
  • Create a lesson plan that focuses on the Korean War, Korean culture, history or geography. THIS IS A POST TRIP ACTIVITY.You must also have evidence that you presented your lesson and trip experience to your school district, regional social studies event, or state social studies conference.  The initial lesson plan and evidence of your presentation is due by 12/31/19. As part of the education initiative of the foundation, we will be publishing all lesson plans created by participants.  Lesson plans submitted to the foundation will be reviewed and the authors will be given feedback about revisions.  As a participant, you should be willing to revise and resubmit your lesson based on feedback from the foundation.  All lessons become the property of the foundation.

Please know that the completion of the post trip requirement is not optional.  To successfully complete the Research trip, you must complete the post trip requirements. Failure to meet the participant requirements will lead to the forfeiture of your deposit.  

Travel Advisories 

There are several travel advisories you should consider before acceptance:

1. The weather in Korea can be extremely hot in July. It is common for temperatures to be in the 85-90 degree range with 90% humidity.

2. Part of the trip will include considerable amounts of walking/hiking. Participants should be able to physically handle 3-4 miles of walking a day.

3. Participants will also be required to spend two nights sleeping on floor mats in gender separated, communal rooms (Buddhist temple and Korean traditional home stay)

4.  Some local Korean restaurants will be unable to offer many vegetarian/vegan options.

 If you decide to decline the invitation or if you have any questions, please email Bobbie Downs at bdowns@worldhistoryde.org.